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Diversify your investment portfolio

with high ROI entertainment projects.

“I spend 5 percent of my time making movies and the other 95 percent of the time looking for the money to make them.” -- Orson Welles

WilderHancock Pictures can be your reliable partner as we develop and produce commercially viable films and TV programs with domestic and international co-production partners. All projects are greenlit with talent attachments, major territory presale and high probability of returns. With our exclusive knowledge and expertise in international film distribution, it only makes sense to partner with WilderHancock to obtain a realiable ROI while participating in the business of films where profit meets art and entertainment.If you are interested in a proposal, please contact us now for a private discussion. International investors welcome. By completing the following page, you will not be under any obligation to invest. Your information will be kept confidential and your privacy is respected.

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An Independent Film Production Company
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