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Projects in Development

RVA Pitch Deck-TITLEPAGE.jpg

Three adventure-seeking

hillbilly buddies make enemies

with the wrong alien brood,

inadvertently igniting a war of

the worlds. It’s gonna take all

the skillbilly tech these ET busters can muster - and a little non-consensual mind-probing - to end this intergalactic feud.

Rednecks vs Aliens

Director:  Michael Kallio

Screenwriter:  Michael Kallio

Genre:  Sci-Fi/Horror/Comedy

Enter the Dragon meets Re-Animator

Screenwriter:  Jayson Crittenden

Genre:  Action/Horror/Comedy 

Brilliant biologist, Victoria, working for the Department of Defense, succeeds in re-animating a corpse as part of a classified project to save dying soldiers and get them back in the fight.  But her test subject has a plan of his own – to create an army of undead ninjas with a singular, deadly mission.

Southern Hospitality

Director:  Michael Kallio

Screenwriter:  Michael Kallio

Genre:  Southern Fried Horror



Three college boys are on a road trip to Florida for Spring Break vacation when they become stranded in a small backwoods Georgia town populated by biker gangs and under investigation for a series of mysterious disappearances.


When two southern belles tempt them to stay the night, it might just be the last night of their lives! Aimee and Erika Barton are very loyal sisters; loyal to each other, to their father and to their men.  The friend-zone is healthier.

Ranger One
Airborne Rangers save the world

Screenwriter:  James WilderHancock

Genre:  Action/SciFi 

​When a U.S. Army Ranger and his family escape invading aliens intent on colonizing the planet, they learn that fleeing Earth is only the beginning of their struggle.

With no space travel experience, they must quickly adapt to the dangers and intricacies of space-station life. Trapped on the moon, they remain helpless while their home planet is ravaged, then terra-formed. However, the space station cannot support them forever and when they return to their-- now alien-- world, their struggle for the future of humanity, and their family, really begins.

Ranger One
Elf Patrol
The world's most secret operators

Screenwriter:  James WilderHancock

Genre:  Action/Fantasy 

The ULTRA Top Secret story of O.L.D. St. Nick and Team SANTA, the world's oldest and most elite operators, and the 2100 year old mission brief that saved the world.

The Sandhill Rangers
The first 5 years of the 3rd Ranger Battalion

Screenwriter:  James WilderHancock

Genre:  Drama / Military Biography 

Following operation “Urgent Fury,” in Grenada, the Department of the Army ordered the activation of  a 3rd Ranger Battalion. In April 1984, a small cadre arrived at Fort Benning, Ga., to begin the selection process.

Rangers from all over the world were interviewed, selected and moved to Fort Benning. On October 3, 1984 at York Field, Fort Benning, Ga., the Secretary of the Army, the Honorable John O. Marsh, presented the colors and activated the 75th Ranger Regimental Headquarters and 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. The activation of the Regimental Headquarters and 3rd Battalion marked the first time since World War II that such a large Ranger force had been activated.

Director:  Michael Kallio

Screenwriter:  Michael Kallio

Genre:  Creature Feature/Comedy

A small rural town is plagued

by a swarm of genetically

modified bees made more

aggressive by the new cell

towers being placed

throughout the county. As the bee epidemic spreads and the body count rises, it's up to the Sheriff, a scientist and a small corporate paramilitary team to stop the angry insects rampage before it becomes a BEEPOCALYPSE!

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